Friday, December 5, 2008

Example re: Plan B

Winds from the East tell me the winter blues have ATTACKED. Pacific Northwest! God bless that dark, rain-soaked country, with its constant cloud cover from November to March.

Rules for Winter in the Northwest:
1. Don't sleep in! Nobody can live happily on 3 hours of half-daylight.
2. Drink your coffee! Real coffee. It's that strong for your own good in times like these.
3. Go out! Not everyone gets their pick of dozens of live shows every single night of the week. Not everyone has cheap old theaters where they can watch second-run movies with beer and a cheeseburger. Not everyone has 40 billion coffee shops and a giant bookstore to spend their days in.

You can do it!

And oh, I'm sorry I'm gone, and can't fight by your side.

It did seem like college would last forever, didn't it?

But don't be bummed. You're young, there's more, keep moving.


jerylynism said...

everytime i drink my iced americano, i think of you.

Whitney said...

beth, this blog made me miss oregon more than it probably should have. SIGH JESUS FUCKING CHRIST WHEN WILL I GET OVER IT?!

Beth said...


oregonians have a wide reputation for annoying everyone by regularly getting misty-eyed and going "SIIIIIIGH, I MISS OREGON"

you and me, sister.