Saturday, December 27, 2008

I will not get drunk and lose this scarf.

Check out this scarf!

Check out that face! Maybe I'm thinking, "Shit, I gotta stop shopping." Because man it hurts to keep cash in my pockets when there's vintage around.

The boots really aren't too bad though, right? You should see the fuckin snow in these parts. It never stops. It's so deep now and it just keeps falling. And everyone carries on with their business! Driving and everything! How the fuck am I gonna keep walking? I need to jack up my hardcore. Especially since I'm shopping away my bus fare.


jerylynism said...

I like it.
It looks like a Mexican blanket. :)

I went into the mall today and saw how shitty XXI is nowadays. I couldn't believe it. Everything looked the same and, sure, rubber leggings are pretty cool but JEEZE are they are going overboard or what. I wish I had the cash to drop on some good vintage works.

Those boots nice and cozy. When it snowed here, I prayed to find a pair. -_- They went unanswered. How do they hold up in the snow?

Beth said...

it is just like a mexican blanket. it's so huge and awesome. i'm gonna wear it with my black turtleneck dress and snow boots.

these boots were only like $40, they're not real uggs. i just went for a tromp in them and they're not quite as waterproof as promised. they're fine in powder snow but in the slushy stuff my toes got a little wet. overall they're really warm and have good traction but i think i'll go buy a better pair, maybe some real uggs. you should buy a current japanese fashion magazine and check out all the crazy fun snow boots they have, like really big moccasin types with knit accents and faux fur and stuff. i'm starting to come around and want some but they're still a little intimidating/perplexing for my oregon brain, i wish i had you or aya to shop with and help me out!

f21 does get so lame sometimes. like when they went back to all those mid-90s asian-inspired printed synthetics? ew. i really hate buying clothes there anyway because even if it's cute it falls apart so fast and i hate realizing it's obvious how cheap my clothes are. like the skinny jeans i bought there? they were a quick fix when i was broke but now it's like, fucking ew. i've gone completely back to just buying vintage along with mid-level basics like uniqlo and gap. it's more fun to build a wardrobe that way than with pre-fabricated, directly-interpreted trend items, and it's just as affordable, and it always feels so much better to wear well-made clothes that you can break in and scruff up.

plus it's a cheap high to run into XXI and be able to afford a couple of things, but it adds up so fast and you're left with a bunch of weirdly-stretched, pilled up, faded clothes you don't want to wear anymore. spacing out your purchases so you can use them on like, this $10 scarf that i'll have for ages, is so much better. like when was the last time you were totally fucking in love with something you bought at XXI.

Henshin said...

"Jack up your hardcore"? Girlie, the only way to do that is considered illegal around the world. Then again, probably not so much in a heathen country like Japan. So hell, I say jack away.