Monday, December 29, 2008

What else should I say?

Do you think I'm too into the grunge revival?

Warning, there's a right answer to that question, it's not yes!

It's supposed to be snowy for the rest of the winter. There are still a few warm days left so this is about 25% as intense as it's been for the last few days. Walking in the snow isn't bad at all! I'm mastering a stomping snow strut that probably looks really cool. Hahaha.

I finally got a flannel dress!

Full-blown winter fashion has been a little intimidating for me. Like how I balked at what snow boots look like? But I'm getting into it. I'm really stoked about my flannel dress and I've actually really come to dig these stupid boots.

If I had my way NW Grunge Bohemian would never die. Winter in Yamagata is totally up for flannel and wool so for now the world is my oyster.

Oh dang, that lettuce looks cold!

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