Monday, February 22, 2010

Japanese Hairstyles = Impressive

I'm obsessed with hair right now. I'm the slovenliest of all Northwest coastal bums and basically don't know how to do anything with my hair. I can tousle it into a big trashy mess and straighten my bangs, and that's all that matters. But preppy Japanese girls with their crazy bouffants and sleek perms and magic oils get me pretty jealous.

I know I'm not supposed to think gyaru and kyabajo are cool but how could I possibly ignore the fact that their favored hairstyles are based on a CLASSIC 1960s aesthetic?

These are terrible examples. How come I could only find princess and cabaret -style gyaru looks on Google? I tried it in Japanese but then I just got porn. Anyway, you get the idea. Japanese girls who are way into their hair pull off insane 60s style glamor.

French twist

Last night I was determined to finally learn to do a french twist, and I found this girl's videos. You can follow them even if you don't speak Japanese. Amazing!

High-volume half-updo

Incredible! I didn't use any products, just a brush, elastic and a few pins, and I got all of these on the first or second try.

Easy fake bob

All of these looks are so simple and only take a few minutes. They will all look so good worn messy with sloppy makeup and old cocktail dresses. They're not as crazy and perfectly curled and sculpted as those gyaru looks above but that's for the better, right?

60s chestnut

My hair is still too short for this but oh my god! Perfection!

You know how hostesses go to salons for their hair and makeup before work? I cannot be the only one who wants to get in on that shit. Who wants to have a kyabajyo day with me?


This is so easy and fabulous, I'm gonna die of happiness.


Zora said...

These are awesome!! I'm especially loving the last one. Cramming the half-ponytail inside itself to create the volume- clever!! I would never have thought of that. But, I am generally hairstyle-retarded.
My hair is nowhere near as long as hers, but I think these might even be easier on slightly shorter hair...


TokyoNights said...

I've seen her videos on Youtube before. Unfortunately, my hair is not as well behaved as hers. It always falls out of my hands when I'm putting it up, or forms into all these little peaks and horns I can't brush out.
I would totally go get my hair glammed out like a kyabakura girl and rock the town!! Now all I need is a super sparkly, short outfit to accessorize!

Beth said...

my hair is just below my shoulders and i can do all of them except the chestnut. it's perfect for the french twist and the last one, which i'm totally obsessed with now.

Beth said...

toooooooootally mrs. robinson!

Anonymous said...

Hair day.
want to do it so badly.


selena said...

Wow nice. I'm going to try some of these this week. Lookout world.

Megu said...

Even though I'm not in Japan now I'm totally obsessed with my hair being all like full on top and then having curls that come down. Great description Meg-the picture just jumps off the page right? Anyway-It's that kind of typical gyaru look. Or at least it was typical last summer. I'm coming back for two weeks in June. I would LOVE to have that hair!!! Hair day?!!!?? That would be amazing.
Also I want gigantic eye lashes and fingernails that have plastic food on them.
Totally ridiculous.

Beth said...

julie - totally happening.

selena - they're so easy! i hope you rocked it out.

meg - i actually know exactly what you're talking about haha. i want manic nails too, someday. so expense though right?