Monday, February 8, 2010


I hate winter! I hate being cold and bulky all the time with my bag slipping off my giant wool shoulder and my nose red and runny. I do like this coat Hanako gave me, but winter is such a pain in the ass.

And these days I am not the kind of girl who can stay in and read a book. I need to go out and read a book. Out into the cold! I do have some warm places to go, at least.

This has been my favorite kissaten lately.

So warm, decent coffee, good space to write in. And great toast. Kissaten make toast into an art form. Do you see that I'm drinking cafe au lait? Defeated. I'll be back to black when I'm back in Stumptown.


selena said...

I'm with ya on the winter thing, though copious amounts of snow somehow make things a little wee bit better. Or at least, the copious snow up here in Sapporo makes me appreciate the relatively balmy Tokyo.

That kissa looks fab. Kichijoji?

Beth said...