Monday, February 1, 2010


I wanted to go out the other night and found out my ATM card wouldn't work that late on a Sunday. What! I had to come back home and settle for taking photos of myself rolling around in my favorite new flea market dresses. Here are the other two I love.

This one was inexplicably difficult to photograph. It falls just above the knee. 100 yen, adorable! I'm excited because it could be exactly the kind of goth I think I can dig.

I want this amazing 50 yen kinderwhore treasure to work so bad but I am slowly facing the fact that it was made for an A-cup and is sort of not doing me any favors. But it's so potentially versatile! Obviously I bought it thinking Courtney Love, but imagine how much I could charge if I went back to private lessons with salarymen like this:

HAHAHA. Now you know why I haven't starved yet.


Caroline said...

I'm so jealous! Those dresses are amazing, I wish I could find things like that where I live. Nobody likes the old stuff, they need the newest and most expensive of everything.

Anonymous said...

Your hair is looking really pretty!!

(It's Julie)

Amanda Lynn said...

Remember that time you were a doll for Halloween or some shit?? That's what the first dress reminds me of. Maybe it's the angle??

Beth said...

caroline, that sucks, i hate that shit. but japan is kinda the same, i've just figured out where to go for the kind of shopping i like. it took awhile.

julie, thanks! it is having extreme ups and downs.

amanda, I LOVED that costume.