Saturday, December 13, 2008


I've decided not to renew my contract in Yamagata.

Aya and I will be getting an apartment together in Tokyo in the spring.

1. I love hanging laundry. Always have! It's so relaxing and romantic.
2. I'm going to a Christmas party tonight with a bunch of students and parents and ALTs.
3. I scribbled the best half-page before going to bed the other night. It was sudden, dirty and sincere and I was so happy I just stared at it.
4. I'm going to the end of the year party-retreat with the other teachers. It was hard to decide ($200!) but I figured I probably won't regret it afterward.

I don't have anything interesting to say. 6 days until I get paid!


jerylynism said...

i am so happy you're staying in yamagata!
you seem so happy there. plus, living with aya again seems only right.
youuuuu twoooo ♥

plus, this will give me a longer time to save up. ;]

i thought you should know that one time the word verification on one of your entries said, "redic." i thought that was pretty cool.

Beth said...

well i'm staying for three more months only. then living with aya in tokyo.

i'm very happy here but i need a little more action in the streets right now. can't have it all at the same time in one place i guess. but i will be coming back here. i really do love it. i'll take you!

jerylynism said...

i read that as you DID renew your contract.
bottom line, i'm glad you're staying in japan. :]