Friday, December 26, 2008


Here's what I did for Christmas.

I hear it's snowing in Oregon. It's snowing here, too.

That's outside my window and from my front door. Good thing I bucked up and bought appropriate boots yesterday.

I never thought I'd own boots like these, but guess what, I'm in fucking snow country and it's time to get real. And they're actually kind of growing on me. But I promise you will never see me wear them in the spring with tucked in Juicy Couture sweatpants and a cute tee shirt, carrying a strawberry frappuccino or whatever. You know what I mean.

It gets pretty cold in my apartment, probably because I keep opening the window.



aya said...

You right!
We can't talk about fashion in this snow!
I seriously need the boots!
My sneakers and leather boots are all wet!

Beth said...

dude, right?

i'm used to lame people wearing snow boots when it's not snowing and thinking "ew those boots are so ugly." but it turns out all snow boots look basically like that, and everyone has to wear them. i have to get a new attitude!

there are a lot of really cute moccasin-type ones, with all this fringe and knit patterns and fur, but they're so kind of extreme and i'm not fashionable enough to figure out how to wear them with everything, so i just went with the simple ones. but idk, maybe i'll get another pair for fun. i wish you were here to help me out because this is quite a dilemma for me!

Anonymous said...

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