Saturday, November 29, 2008


I just bought this coat.

Now I won't get cold enough to cry!

I would like to add, I have wanted a hobo coat/parka for at least a year and a half, it's on the record and everything, and I find it appalling that it took me this long to find one. Now they're everywhere. I have to move to Japan just to follow my fashion whims? GEEZ!

It's Saturday night and we are headed downtown, my parka and I.


Seasick Sarah said...

I want a new coat! Stylish, warm, flattering, reasonably priced coats are hard to acquire.

I miss you on LJ! I keep forgetting about this one :(

Rachel said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know that there`s a get-together of other foreigners for Christmas this coming Friday the 5th at J`s Bar...unfortunately no one seems to know what time its starting. I guess everyone will be just heading out to the bars and karaoke afterward if you:re interested. If you want more info about it you can email Kat at and she:ll hopefully give you better details plus maybe a map of how to get there! Hope you:re surviving the cold ok!

Beth said...

Rachel - thanks for letting me know! I'm pretty broke, so IDK. But this time or next, I'd love to join.

Sarah - forschmettttt