Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Low on Funds

Downgrading from 88 yen Megmilk brand coffee jelly to 3 for 88 yen Meiji brand... cafe jelly? You see the difference. You must add your own cream. And it has less than a third of the calories. Now you know.

Ayabean asked me how my New Year's Resolutions were going and I realized I forgot to make any. I'm usually really into New Year's Resolutions. So I've just been making up late ones as I go along. 1. Cook more often. I'm so fucking lazy but I've been pretty into simple cooking lately. I should try more complicated things but I'm broke and I'm LAZY and I can eat anything. Apple & cinnamon grits! SATISFIED. (I can't believe anyone doubts how good this is? Look at it. Delicious.)

2. Wear normal eye makeup more often. I am a big fan of looking like a kinderwhore junkie garbage skeleton but see, I can be reasonable once in awhile. It makes me MySpace pout I guess, but. I like this picture and any other pictures of my dresses together. It's almost warm enough for flimsy dresses again! I can't wait to go shopping. How stoked do you think I am that jumpsuits are back?

I LOVE jumpsuits. Actually I'm into the cotton nineties-floral ones that will probably be on everyone this year like last-year's short floral skirt + white top + cheap black belt (BARF). But I can always get with disco so I hope I can find some of that, too.

Last note, while we're on disco, check this song. Cannot stop listening.


Anonymous said...

The guy at 2:22 is amazing.
I want to be his lover.

I love disco, too.
You knew that, right?

And yeahhh... indecisive days....
that's every day for me in the hot summer.
I can't decide what to eat or where to go.


Beth said...

i think i did but i might have just assumed. haha.

indecisiveness is okay in the hot summer. i have had a challenging day. i didn't even have anything to decide. choosing between coffee jelly or pudding was really hard. same price! wtf! just when you think life's getting easy. then someone invited me to hang out and it took me a full 30 minutes to decide whether or not i felt like standing up. then another ten to decide how to explain that i didn't feel like standing up.

Jen B said...

I love floral thin cotton jumpsuits. I have one. They were around a couple of years ago but obviously didn't quite make it.

Don't bother with normal eye make-up. Nothing interesting ever happens on days when you do that. Just from my experience.

Beth said...

jen b, you are so right. edit resolution #2 to: wear sloppier/trashier eye makeup than before.

Lisa said...

I love that cup and spoon!

Beth said...

lisa, thanks! those cups are the closest thing to my dream cups that i've found in my price range, somewhere in kichijoji.

Sarah said...

La Bionda? I had no clue. My life is changed. I'm thinking Summer 2010 is going to be heavily influenced.

Beth said...

sarah. i am totally into that.

Beth said...

sarah can we copy that coordinated move at 1:33

Vivian said...

Yes to jump suits. I tried on a few last weekend, but I got worried that it made my thighs look funny (read: bigger). I need to go back and take another look.

I was just in Hiroshima over the weekend, and it was so nice to see well-dressed girls, it was so inspiring. Where I live (Shikoku) it's all track suits, orange hair, and faux gold chains. Seriously!