Sunday, March 7, 2010

All Over

I've got too many pressing interests right now. Today I'm really into yodeling. I heard that yodeling was originally a means of communication between mountain peaks in the Swiss and Austrian Alps. Badass.

I have this big thing for the Appalachian and Ozark regions of America. Almost all of the first white settlers of Appalachia came from around the Scottish/English border (that insane Appalachian dialect has more Scottish influence than any other American dialect), and after that tons of German and Swiss people came. That's why Appalachian folk music sounds like Scottish/English ballads with yodeling. Did you know?

Are you with me?


Anonymous said...

I used to be SO INTO Dame Darcy and she loves that kind of music. I also have a banjo. So I get how you love it even though I don't listen to it much anymore.

selena said...

Love it. Beautiful.

Have you heard the Billy Bragg/Natalie Merchant cover of Woody Guthrie's Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key?

NM's got a great voice for it.