Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March March March

Shit, who has anything to say on March 2nd of any year?

I can't stop eating spinach. I've been eating it twice a day for like two weeks. I came home one night and my roommate was making it and I thought shit that looks good and now it's all I can take. Last week I had spinach and chicken for breakfast and then the school lunch was spinach and chicken. I fucking own this city. No one pushes me around on the train now because they can tell I've replaced all my meals with spinach and I'm listening to Immigrant Song on repeat throughout my entire commute. I did fall down the escalator the other day, though.

In other news:
  1. I only have a couple more weeks left at my elementary school and then I get a long broke spring vacation and then I'm starting a new teaching job that I'm trying not to be too excited about (but I think it might be awesome).
  2. If I don't see the Pacific soon I'm gonna dry up. I need a seaside getaway somewhere not too far from Tokyo, with big wet trees.
  3. My birthday is in April!


selena said...

There are worse things to be eating every day, Popeye. I need to take a cue from you. Spinach and bean sprouts, so cheap!

The islands are calling me too, I'm thinking about Saipan or something.

Lisa said...

Over the summer I was on a brussels sprouts kick. I ate them every day for like 2 months.

April is the best month for birthdays!

aya said...

Aki invited us to Shounan next month for hanami.
Let's go to see ocean!

Aimee said...

hahah SPINACH is fucking GLORIOUS!

And I agree, April is the best month for birthdees.

stewedslacker said...

I agree, nothing to say on March 2nd. And although I hate spinach, maybe I´d have to be in Asia to really get on the Asia train.

Jen B said...

I'm an April girl too.

The Immigrant Song owns my heart. I'm just worried that I do the whole creased forehead and open my mouth very slightly when he says A-Aaa-AAaaaaa-Ah

Beth said...

selena, good call! i really want some oceany forest in there but i don't know if it's smart to try and find like an otter rock substitute within a short distance of tokyo.

lisa, i don't even know what a brussel sprout tastes like, i think i've only had them once. they sound tasty though. i'm so into vegetables right now.

stewed slacker, what!

jen, fuck yes! i have trouble containing myself when i listen to patti smith's gloria on the train, i secretly get so worked up and just want to rock out. it's almost too painful.

Anonymous said...

Hey Beth,
I am so sorry to ask, because you probably get this question all the time, but what ALT program do you work for? I just got denied from my dream ALT job because I had "too much of a science background" what the fuck does that mean? Anyway, apologies for asking such a repetitive question.

Beth said...

Becks - No problem but I try not to say anything specific about work on here. You can email me and I'll send you a copy of what I send other people who ask.