Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shibuya Crossing

Aya and I were at the Tsutaya Starbucks at Shibuya Crossing talking about what an important snapshot of Tokyo this is for most visitors. What's higher on the must-see list?

The giant screens on the skyscrapers playing weird commercials and blaring JPop, the obnoxiously dressed kids, the neatly timed stampedes through the giant crossing. It is pretty breathtaking. Everyone remembers that beautiful scene in Lost in Translation when Scarlett Johansson comes here on a rainy day and takes it in.

The Starbucks from which Sofia Coppola shot part of that scene is still one of the absolute best places to people-watch in Tokyo, especially with a friend.

One of the best and cheapest afternoons you'll spend here. It takes ages and nerve to get window seats, but it's worth it, because you can look down and JUDGE THE ENTIRE WORLD.

Stupid hat. Great hair. That's my type. Nanpa fail! What about him? Cute couple. Nice jacket. LOL college boys. Nooo, gyaruo spring fashion! They look fun. What's she going for? Epic socks!


Jen B said...

It's epic sock season already?! Must go out!

selena said...

I too need to air out my sock collection.

Beth said...


Vivian said...

Ah, this is my favourite spot in Tokyo. I can spend hours there soaking in the Tokyo energy and people watching...before heading back to the inaka. I love, love, love your blog.

Beth said...

vivian, thanks so much! i'm digging yours, too.

toxic disco boy said...

gawd you're so funny. i wanna sit there and people watch too.