Friday, April 2, 2010

My Worst Day in Tokyo

I woke up unstable and spent all day looking stupid in a stupid ponytail and a stupid outfit. I was stranded in Tokyo Station for almost two hours because all the trains to my destination were canceled due to mad winds and nobody could figure out whether to reschedule or what. I finally ended up taking two different trains for another hour to what seemed like the middle of nowhere and had to trip through puddles looking for a bus. The bus driver was really mean to me for no reason.

My bangs got all messed up in the wind and the clammy trains and I had to pin them back on a wild bus with a compact mirror balanced on my knee while I tried not to cry. The bus dropped me off someplacee I'd never been and I had to run around looking for my school, finally arriving to the meeting 40 minutes late.

Afterward I was advised to walk to a different station for a quicker trip home, avoiding delays. I got lost in the rainy back roads of the urban backwoods carrying a 10lb textbook with the wind blowing in my face, my eyes watering all my makeup off while I yowled to a friend over the phone.

I finally got to a station and shuffled onto the right color of train without paying attention. A half hour later found myself at the end of the line in Chiba. Heartbreak. I dragged myself off the train and across the platform to the one going in the right direction and refused to move. Until over an hour later when I realized I'd managed to take one of the trains that ends before my stop and was now heading back toward Tokyo.

This was the worst commuting day I've had yet in Tokyo but the worst part was being in a weepy awful mood the whole time and finding out my new co-workers are friendly and normal native English speakers and having to scramble to rediscover my social skills after a year of working in an isolated corner of hell. I was not so successful. I'm so excited about my new job but I must have made a horrible first impression because all I could think was Don't cry, don't cry, soon you'll be home eating scrambled eggs.

Today fucking sucked. Tomorrow: hanami, ganbanyoku, my first laser hair removal, and coffee. By 4PM I will be made of gold.


selena said...

Sorry kid. Sleep it off. See you at the park, maybe.

Beth said...

i slept it off! i'm made of gold! i was actually at the park this morning and i'll be there again before the weekend's over.

Vivian said...

A bad day when you live abroad is just so much worse than any regular bad day back home. Sorry to read that, but I'm sure you had a fun weekend :)

Dave said...

damn, roes. wish i coulda come around and dropped some bananas or done something awkwardly whitney to cheer you up. sorry :(

Jellybeanz said...

Lemme know how the laser hair removal goes. I've been eyeballing this place in Chofu for the longest time, but I've yet to make an appointment. It's pretty cheap here!
Please be my guinea pig and report back on the results!

Beth said...

aw thanks dave. i think i'll try to imagine tiny you on one shoulder and tiny whitney on the other next time i have a bad day. LMAO i can already tell it will work


Beth said...

vivian, totes. everything's so much more whatever when you live abroad. dangerous for the mood.

Beth said...

jellybeanz -- so far:

HURT! way worse than waxing. but supposedly if it hurts really bad that means it's working. but fuck it hurt.

i got a first-time discount and paid 5,000 yen at plaza clinic in hiroo, plus i got a free gift of a washcloth and a book about BOTOX AND ME!

i can't tell if it worked well or not yet, i'm really excited.

also i got to wear a scrunchy paper thong, score