Saturday, April 17, 2010


Probably the most accurate so far in this series. I had been up for about 24 hours and was running on a pint of whiskey mixed with like, fruity Calpis or something? I know. Believe me. It took some serious peer pressure to choke that shit down in the middle of the street.

Special thanks to this guy for stopping with his posse to fab up the occasion. Free publicity for you, my fleeting friend:

That night was fuckin crackers.


Anonymous said...

HAhahaha, you SNEAK!!! How did you take that picture without me seeing you take it? KIKE was amazing. He was in full agreement with everything I said (Whiskey! Saltines! Now!) so he was A OK with me.

Jen B said...

Ha, he is a mentor for one of my friends. I thought such fabulousness was an urban legend, but NO, he is real. Please let me touch his meishi one day.

Beth said...

Hahaha and didn't he even give a triple snap and a head toss with a spin when he made his exit?

Beth said...

HAHA! Jen! No way! Yeah, he was covered in magic, although everything is covered in magic when you're being forcefed whiskey and saltines. I'll save his card for you. It's very shiny.