Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let's go shopping!

Blurry fitting room photos, oh, the pleasure's all mine.

Hey, you have tits? Have fun shopping in Japan, NOT. Ewww. Crack-cleavage is not my style. Japan, I have a hard time feeling good when your size M tops turn me into this. It's not like they're fucking huge! I'm a C cup (C+?) and I can't buy bras here. Sucks. Moving on.

I fell in love with these floral, do we call them jumpsuits? -- the moment they started popping up in early spring, but just as predicted they are now the official girls' Tokyo uniform. I don't care if somebody else is wearing what I'm wearing but it can get out of hand here. Like everyone's on the same massive dance team. Still, I like these enough to try some on. The problem is that they kind of all follow the same few patterns, and if the waistline/drawstring/belt doesn't suit your height/torso, you get a big saggy ass. There are a lot of big saggy asses in Tokyo at the moment. I took a picture of mine but the world's polluted enough.

For some reason the short versions are more flexible. This one has a drawstring waist that I can cinch right above my hips with no, you know, unfortunate shortage of fabric in the crotch area. And nooo, I do not recommend accessorizing these with glasses, my eyes are itchy today shut up.

Sweet! Now I can stop worrying so much about keeping my legs together!


Julie said...

Hahaha I juuuust bought those basically exact same shorts jumpers. Can we do a dance team rehearsal next time?

Beth said...

i'll spend all of tomorrow thinking of the right song.

selena said...

You actually pull that off, more than 95% of the horrible things that I see.

Maria said...

Have you tried Shimamura to buy bras? I once had a friend with a D cup and she found bras there.

Beth said...

maria, are they cute bras? i can find bras my size but they always have extra wide straps and thick centerpieces that are completely unnecessary. like jesus christ. they don't need a wheelchair.

my biggest regret about living in japan is the horrific waste of my perfect tits.

Beth said...

thanks selena, my shamelessly deceptive self-portraits make everything look good.

selena said...

Um, yeah bra shopping is a nightmare even for my less generous bosom, because EVERYTHING is so ugly and padded. Let's go to Une Nana and see if they have anything for you. Otherwise it's stocking up in the States. I hate padded bras and need a slinky bra infusion this summer. (Slightly) padded bras are okay in winter, I guess, when you need to keep warm and reign in the nipple action, but otherwise are unacceptable.

Jen B said...

Hahaaaa! Wheelchair bras for tits!

Sorry, have been away from the internet for so long, can't think of any intelligent comments to make, but you know, so funny, thanks Beth!