Saturday, June 19, 2010


I love marketplaces. SO MUCH. So I've been meaning to go to Ameyoko, the street near Ueno Station that served as a black market after World War II, for like three years. Ah three years. TIME!

It's along and under the Yamanote tracks between Ueno and Okachimachi stations. Things I like besides markets: train tracks, bridges, places under train tracks and bridges, alleyways, stray cats near garbage cans at night. I also like tin-can stoves so I'm basically a hobo.

Ameyoko wasn't tons of excitement but it had cool side streets and alleys and roughnecks eating noodles outdoors!

And that kind of old 70s/80s Tokyo vibe that I sometimes run into on the east side of the city. Like in Koiwa.


Some stuff is cheap here. Big packs of dried fruit, big packs of nori, octopus legs, hairbrushes...

...beans... Heads UP, anyone who's thinking of moving to Japan, beans be fuckin pricey.


Ten buxx for shoez

Rickety tables, ramen, stray cat, brick road, the city still loves me.

Ahhh before I go home I have to be a yankii superstar for one day.


selena said...

Ahh I want to go! You should call me next time. Now it's going to have to be on my agenda.

Beth said...

i wanted to eat noodles so bad, let's go and eat noodles with sweaty guys. but if i return i will be getting myself a nylon tracksuit. and i think i can safely assume you will not interfere.

Jen B said...

I love Ueno, it's a bit boring but it's the first place I went to in Tokyo so it's got that special, "Is Tokyo really so grotty/urban? Fantastic!", place in my heart. Plus I went at night and got revved up on my Bladerunner fantasies (major admission of nerdness, may regret later, etc).

Beth said...

WHOA Jen B, no such thing as too cool for bladerunner.

koiwa gives me the bladerunner vibe!

Vivian said...

This is brilliant! Your captions were my favourite part. I must visit this market next time I'm in Tokyo.