Saturday, June 19, 2010


Tokyo Moe Jared already posted this but it's not like we can have too much. HELLO! Look at it! I thought it was pretty dorky when I just saw the flier on the left, but when I saw the full-body ad a couple days later, I realized smoking is the coolest thing on earth. Who is the target demographic here? My co-worker said "Gays, duh." I was still surprised. I mean duh this is gay but I didn't know it was something any significant number of Japanese men would go for and I didn't know a major cigarette brand would brand itself so 100% gay in a blanket ad campaign. And it's not like I've ever known Japanese concepts of GAY to match my concepts of GAY. If someone told me this was going for the tween girl demographic I wouldn't even be surprised. Whatevs. Go Winston Japan. I love this ad.

P.S. note the portable ashtray hanging from his belt loop. Beefed up and polite, that's how I like them.


Anonymous said...

hi, long time lurker but first time poster here!
I was on holiday in japan a couple of weeks back, and stopped outside a tobacconist to take a photo of this poster, cos, well, its clearly the best ad in the world ever, right?? And the man inside poked his head out the little window, disappeared and then came back and thrust a poster at me! So I am now the proud owner of my very own winston... Bet you're jealous huh??

Great blog by the way!

Green-Eyed Geisha said...

Why haven't I seen this anywhere yet other than both of your blogs?! This is so incongruous to me - sure the guy is beefed up but his ridiculous bottom half looks like it's about to do a pirouette! Very carny-like. Love your observation of the portable ash tray.

Jen B said...

I can't find a full-length shot either. I feel cheated. I didn't travel all the way over here with a fistful of dollars and a suitcase to sleep in some strangers' closet for a few months (literally)to not get my full Winston shot! What does a girl have to go through!?

Beth said...

what! i've seen him everywhere from chiba to kichijoji!

hahaha. just imagine this photo shoot. legs together, bend knee!

anonymous, jealous doesn't cover it

selena said...

Oh man, now I might have to post mine too.

Rob said...


I haven't seen any of the full body ads. That is hilarious.