Monday, May 31, 2010

Cat Cafe

So I went to a cat cafe in Shimokitazawa with two rad bloggers and none of us told the internet about it. A month later, sneak attack, I win. Did you have a good Monday? So have some cats.

The hand of Jen.

Selena and cats, HA I love this.

So you pay 1,000 yen for a cafe drink and an hour with cats.

They seem extremely pleased with life. It was surprisingly chill.

This is for Seasick Sarah. Hope you're surfing tough, boo.


Green-Eyed Geisha said...

These seem to be really popular right now. Could this be the new host club?! I think I might get freaked out by a bunch of preening cats but if they had a tiny dog version I would be there in a second!

Beth said...

Last year I was hearing it was a trend for host clubs to take cute animals scouting with them to lure girls in so maybe a combo is in the future.

I agree, dog cafe! I want giant dogs though. There should just be a farm, how about.

Lisa said...


Jen B said...

What?! Only three comments? I would have thought the world would have exploded by the revelation that three great minds came together in a place of feline worship.

(resisting pressure to type a winking smiley...)