Sunday, January 31, 2010

One Coin Dress

OBSESSED with this dress I got at the flea market last weekend.

I'll wear this every night as soon as I don't need a coat.

Someone said it looks like a kimono and indeed I don't think I can wear it with my hair up, lest I be accused of cosplay? Not to alienate any readers but yeah, I kind of am cooler than that.

( ใงใ—ใ‚‡ใ† ? )


Whitney Turner said...

dude, that's a fab dress. i love that first pic. find me one coin dresses!

Sarah said...

I love this too. And if you ever see anything in that blue I love, well you know, snatch it up for ur girl.

Aimee said...

omg...that dress is freakin amazing.

i want.


NuBreed said...

The pics are HOT! I like unusual things but usually not when it comes to clothing. However this dress manages to maintain its uniqueness while still being sexy!

Beth said...

why did i ignore all these?

whitney, i WILL!

sarah, i WILL!

aimee, i KNOW!

nubreed, haha geez thanks!