Friday, January 22, 2010

Very? A little?

The sad poster is still my favorite thing I've ever drawn for school, while the Michael Jackson shows that I'm really no good at all! I can't put any motion or tension into anything, ever. But it's okay. I like to draw and being able to do it all the time and learn to develop an actual style for school materials has been the best part of working in Japan. Better than eating school lunch and dancing with children? Yes. Oooh. Someday soon. Someday soon I might tell you a thing or two about teaching English in Japan.

I had higher hopes for this. Look at that guy's weird emotionless arms. Haha. The kids like it, though. They are not very discerning critics. Who is? I plan to fall in love with a discerning critic someday.


selena said...

But will you be able to take the pressure?

Beth said...

pressure puts a high color in my cheeks man