Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Care Package / Human Nature

My family sent me the best care package ever!

Peanut butter snacks! Taco seasoning!

My favorite face lotion! A necklace!

Vintage sheets!

Peanut butter is not equally adored the world over. Japan has peanut cream but it's much sweeter than typical American peanut butter. Japan also lacks a wide selection of cereal and Mexican food. As for vintage sheets, I love old sheets. Some people find this gross but I love the patterns. And, like, I wash them.

Thrifted clothes!

Japan also lacks garage sales, right? My mom got each of these dresses for 25 cents. There are like 5 more, a slip, and a jumpsuit.


The box arrived the day after I unexpectedly burst into tears while video chatting with my mom and brother. Guess what, I love living in Japan, and I've never felt more unstable. I'm not the sanest person anyway and I went crazy in Yamagata. Since I've been in Tokyo it's just been nuts. I don't wanna recycle hyperbolic lines about this city but it's definitely a place that will do all kinds of things to you if you let it, and I just have more yes in me than no. I like living this way, but what usually feels like a great project can sometimes look like a huge mess.

I seriously don't have a worry at the moment, though. This package was so thoughtful and well-timed and cheered me right up. Then today I got this email from my mom:

Subject: dare you to be in a bad mood with this song

Hahaha. ILU Mom.


Malinda said...

In tokyo, the best places I've found are:

best Mexican/Tex Mex I found since leaving Texas and that includes what I've found in Los Angeles, CA.

Anonymous said...

Can I try some of that peanut butter tomorrow?

A few hours!!


selena said...

Love the sheets. Again wishing I could sew so I could justify buying more stuff like that so I could quilt it or something.

Beth said...

malinda - thanks for the links! i will check that shit.

Beth said...

selena - i always think about quilting! that would help me justify never throwing clothes out. how awesome are quilts, man.

Amanda Lynn said...

well, here goes nothing.
I'm following you now.
I'm going to start a blog and stick with it.

god damnit (dammit?) I want every single one of those dresses.

Amanda Lynn said...

oh、and the whole reason I even started to leave a comment in the first place.
You know I've spent enough time in your bed when I get nostalgic at the sight of your vintage sheets.

selena said...

We should start a wish-we-could-quilting bee. Where we sit around and TALK about batting and binding tape.

Anonymous said...

Hi! may i know where are the flea markets where you got your stuff from? Will be going to japan real soon, great if you can let me know! :)