Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Battle of the Fangs

This is my younger brother Tommy

and when he sends books he doesn't fuck around.

I'm way, way thankful for my family. No kiddin.


tommy said...

aw no comments on the tommy post. p.s. call of the wild is better than white fang imo, but everyone's always all white fang blaaa blaaa, but they're both great anyway.

Beth said...

i read white fang in a day and then hit myself for wasting a book so fast. i have to pace myself, that shit doesn't grow on trees here.

Jen B said...

Hi! I'm commenting on the tommy post. Great hair!

Beth said...

tommy, i just showed this photo to someone and she was like "IS HE OLD ENOUGH TO BE SMOKING??!?!?!"