Thursday, November 12, 2009

This Post Was Inevitable

I'm into Rimbaud, DEAL WITH IT.
Miku, the rad-looking girl in my takoyaki party post, drew this picture of Rimbaud for me. Thank you, Miku, I love you. You don't read this blog, but it don't matter.

"The first task of the man who wants to be a poet is to study his own awareness of himself, in its entirety; he seeks out his soul, he inspects it, he tests it, he learns it. As soon as he knows it, he must cultivate it! That seems simple: every brain experiences a certain natural development; hundreds of egoists call themselves authors; there are many more who attribute their intellectual progress to themselves! -- But the problem is to make the soul into a monster, like the comprachicos, you know? Think of a man grafting warts onto his face and then growing them there.

"I say you have to be a visionary, make yourself a visionary.

"...And there will be poets like these! When the eternal slavery of Women is destroyed, when she lives for herself and through herself, when man -- up till now abominable -- will have set her free, she will be a poet as well! Women will discover the unknown! Will her world of ideas differ from ours? She will discover strange things, unfathomable, repulsive, delightful; we will accept them and understand them."

(Rimbaud to George Izambard, May 13th, 1871. Translated by Paul Schmidt.)


Beth said...

i think that host post got me a bunch of new followers, HAHA SUCKERS IT'S POETRY TIME

Jen B said...

Nothing like a bit of poetry to cause confusion.
I really miss France now. And this post completely reminds me of when I was 16 and my then bf tried to educate me: Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Eluard, Le Comte de Lautreamont, ummmm...

Clear said...

Ive been reading Verlaine and Rimbaud too,but now Im reading hamingway,
yes,not just because Im in Caribbean haha

Clear said...

Clear?? why it said my boyfriends lastname here, its me hanako btw

I didnt know miku is in to poetry!

Beth said...

jen b - lucky you, when i was 16 my bf was trying to educate me with like, a perfect circle and rusted root. ewoahhhh.

hanako - i want to read hemingway! i don't have a collection here! i can imagine you being all pissed off in the corner of a top 40 club reading "a clean, well-lighted place" hahahaha