Sunday, September 6, 2009

What's wrong with me?

I can't stop thinking about old RVs.

God they're so cool, I've wanted one for my whole life!

When I was little it was like everyone and their uncle had a camper. Why? They all had rad 70s upholstery and wood paneling. My uncle's camper was parked in our driveway forever. The decor was all red and orange and there were orange glass grapes on the shelf. I used to sit on the upper bed and read all day.

Someday I'll have the raddest camper ever and constantly scream, "MY HOUSE HAS FUCKIN' WHEELS! HIT IT!" Zoom. On the road.

Look what people do with vintage campers these days. Restoring a camper would be so fun. I would need a carpenter boyfriend to show me the ropes or something.

God I cannot stop googling campers. I think in a year or so I'll just go buy a camper. I HAVE PUT THIS OFF FOR TOO LONG.


The Adventures of She said...

I'd get a rad camper too if I could drive :/

selena said...

What is your opinion on Airstreams? I was obsessed with those for a few years. I have a lot of blurry photos taken out of car windows on the highway to prove it.

Beth said...

omigod airstreams. my dream is an airstream. i'm not quite ready for one right now but SOMEDAY! i'm glad you understand.

selena said...

camper life blog, with a good dose of hippie ren fayre thrown in. but you're oregon, so you'll get it.

Beth said...

that is some intense hippie ren fayre but WHAT A CAMPER! thx for the link.

my camper lust reached a fever pitch, i started shopping them online, & OMG, TOTALLY AFFORDABLE, THE CAMPER AND ME ARE SO GONNA HAPPEN! i can live in a camperrrr life is so raddddd

Whitney Turner said...

i am so fucking stoked for this to happen!!!!!!

Bri said...


Very Serious.