Tuesday, September 29, 2009

POP QUIZ! re: Today

How are you?

What are you doing?

Why so alarmed?

Do you want to smell like pancakes?


Julie said...

1. I am fine.
2. I'm preparing to take a shower and go out to my fourth birthday party. I seriously love my life.
3. My whole house reeks like durian.
4. Do I ever.

Bri said...

Second Picture. "action" nearest the bottom right corner.

What are THEY doing?

Beth said...

bri -- fightin!

julie -- i'm so jealous, i had durian for the first time during the thai festival in yoyogi park a few months ago and at first i was like "idk" and by the end i was in a TRAAAAANCE SO DELICIOUS

The Adventures of She said...

I just get so mad when I see your perfect drawings. There's just something so pleasing about them. You know? Like it incites the same gnawing envy that Martha Stewart does. Only yours are are more hip. And that only makes me more mad.

Beth said...

sarah you are too kind, but you must get that all the time. i didn't draw the third one btw in case it isn't obvious.