Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh, no!

Friends, watch my back. I am devouring fairy tales and John William Waterhouse paintings like a starving idiot.

The last thing I want is to turn into a Renaissance Faire geek, okay? All right? You must know how I feel about vulgar Arthurian-ism.

I don't know if I should blame my ongoing Keats obsession, or the 3 Gunne Sax dresses I procured in a week's time this summer. I should have known better than to embrace Romanticism and long skirts simultaneously. Then you throw in some Early Middle Ages studies and a few fairy tales...

"I am half-sick of shadows," said the Lady of Shalott.


Beth said...

i kidddd. long skirts, fairy tales, jww paintings, all safely on the rad list. but vulgar fantasy nerdism, eternally repulsive.

i hate:
cockroaches & earwigs
not getting enough sleep
bad sex
fantasy geeks

Julie said...

I always worry about the same things. I always want people to warm me if I start getting so into rock and roll that I become a "rockabilly" or a record nerd who corrects people on what date albums came out, "that was actually released as a B side in summer of 1957, not 1956" etc.

Also, the obvious Japan pitfall. I don't want to correct people about things related to Japan when I go back home. I really don't want to be that girl!

Julie said...

warn, not warm.

Beth said...

haha the japan pitfall. a constant struggle!

& btw isn't it so tragically impossible not to be a STEREOTYPICAL FOREIGNER IN JAPAN? my stereotypical foreigner in japan badge is my condescending attitude toward 90% of other stereotypical foreigners in japan. i am SOOOO unlike them. hahahaha

you would be kind of a badass rockabilly though, imo