Friday, September 25, 2009

Train Train Train

I walk abnormally fast, even for Tokyo. And when I'm cranky, it's like everyone's moving in extra slow motion, so my morning commute through Shinjuku Station = fucking insufferable.

Oh, GO AHEAD! SAUNTER! DAWDLE! SHUFFLE! PAUSE! Check your phone on the way down the stairs! Congregate with your school friends in front of my exit! TAKE YOUR TIME! It's not like this place was SPECIFICALLY BUILT FOR PEOPLE WHO NEED TO GET SOMEWHERE! ... I'm always early for work, so I really have no reason to hurry, haha. But sorry, I can't handle slow walkers and businessmen in the same place at 7AM.


Beth said...

I survive by reminding myself how stoked my brother was when he found out that the video for "Intergalactic" by the Beastie Boys was filmed in Shinjuku Station. He was so proud to learn that his sister once lost her temper on a a stupid jerk salaryman right there at the South Exit and then comforted herself with a package of peanut M&Ms from that Kiosk. I'll never forget that night!

p.s. i didn't take that photo and can't remember where i stole it from!

Kimchi said...

It's High School all over again.


Ahh, feels good to say that ^_~

The Adventures of She said...

Gross! I'm not visiting. I almost screamed when I was at Powell Station today. FUCKING GAWD JUST MOVE ROOOAAAARRRRR!

Bri said...

I always try to move to the edge of the walking space, or wherever I can to get out of people's way if I need to stop for some reason.

In highschool I judge pushed through them all.



Funny post. :D

Beth said...

ha. i just try to part the crowds with my scowl.

Jen B said...

Ahhh this post is basically me, once a month for a week.

(oh hi BTW, I've been a lurker for months. I must stop saying that to people, it sounds scary).

Beth said...

jen - nawww! i like knowing more people have been reading. also, i dig your blog!

Jen B said...

Thank you! Allow me to do a little Japan-nerd hooray in exchange for your kindness: \(^o^)/