Monday, January 19, 2009

snow, ice, snow, ice, snow

Man I'm hardcore! You know, FYI, I wasn't made for winter. I hate winter. I've never lived in a snowy place, ever. Where I come from it just rains every day from November to April, and we stay inside until it's over. I'm not even sure how I'm doing this. Must be the parka. I love that thing, it's seriously like putting on a tent.

The other day some furious wind and snow rose up as I was walking home, but I had to buy two pumpkins. I don't know why, I already had one at home, but I couldn't talk myself out of it. I think it was a survival instinct. Like, what if that storm had gone nuts and I'd been snowed in with only one kabocha? No way! So I walked a mile in a blizzard with a pumpkin under each arm. That goes beyond hardcore, that goes toward, toward something greater. Thanks, Yamagata, for showing me all that I can be.

You might be sick of mountain photos, but Yamagata's fuckin pretty! I took this around 7:30AM on Saturday morning, walking home from downtown. I was partied out, man. About 30 minutes later I flooded my kitchen with ramen broth. It was pretty astonishing.

Hope you had a good weekend, too!


jerylynism said...

what person in their right mind could talk themselves out of two pumpkins? you know i couldn't. how are pumpkins even still growing there? are they imported? i want a fucking parka!

Beth said...

winter squash keeps for fucking ever. the kabocha i see at the supermarket is always imported from mexico but i've been trying to do all my shopping at this little indie grocer on the way home from school and i think most of the stuff there is homegrown. i love that place, the goods are a little cheaper and i love the vibe, very logsden store, all dark with cement floors and makeshift shelves and there are always old people sitting off to the side eating and chatting, and every time i go there the old farmers who run it throw free shit in my bag, like oranges and croquettes and extra veggies. (L)!!!!! i wanna take some pictures of it sometime. it's not that impressive or anything but i love it to death.