Monday, January 12, 2009


I'm in love with this used purse I got. I wish the strap was a tiny bit longer but I can still sling it over my parka and not have to deal with it falling off my shoulder so I love it. I also got this sweater for 400 yen. I'm bad at posing, sorry.

If it seems like all I ever do is shop, that's because it's true. I shop, take walks, drink coffee and study Japanese. I was really enjoying this for two months but sometime last week I suddenly got sick of it. Now I'm so bored in Yamagata I could die. Two months is kind of my limit for the countryside. Tonight I finally gave in and threw myself a tantrum.

This picture of my tantrum is hilarious and cheers me up. Don't worry, I'll figure something out.

You know what I don't mind about Yamagata? The snow!

I was afraid the novelty would wear off quickly but it hasn't. This is my first snowy winter and I don't know if I'll ever have another, so I'm savoring it. Yamagata snow is as light and powdery as dust. It's very pretty and fun to walk in. The wind is painfully cold but I like how it scatters the snow like sand on the beach.

I think I would be a lot more bored without the snow and that's a scary thing to imagine.


Whitney said...

dude, your hair in the tantrum pic is cuuuuute. also, i like your sweater in the first pic. i want to shooooopppppp!!!

Seasick Sarah said...

I second Whitney's comment! And you legs are soooo thin! It's craaazzzyyy..

BTW we can totally be tantrum sisters. OMG the other night... two hours of sleeps + a massive consumption of beer = TANTRUM

Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm a random reader. I was searching for teaching abroad programs in Japan and came upon your blog. Are you teaching in Japan or just shopping? I'm guessing I should avoid rural Japan?
I live in seattle, and I'm digging the grunge style :) cheers - Kenna

Beth said...

whitney - SOOOON!
sarah - they're not THAT thin i think i got lucky with the shot, but thanks. and lol that was quite a tantrum

Beth said...

kenna -

i'm teaching here.

by no means should you just avoid rural japan. it depends on what you're into. and yamagata's an awesome place, i'm just fickle and unreasonable and get miserable if i don't know i can find a crowd of strangers to party with at any hour of any day, so, you know. i personally feel better in the big cities.

Beth said...

and thanks for the comment! fuckin NW pride on this page!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for posting this here, but you have seen THE FAMILY GUN before! (The band from Aya's earlier post)

....Just felt like I had to tell you...

Hugs and misses,


Anonymous said...

hahhaa.... I'm totally the same way. I have to be entertained all the time. I'll search for a job in the city. Thanks Beth :) - Kenna

Beth said...

Frankie -

You're right, I totally remember the name now. I don't really remember the show though. There could be many reasons for that.

Thanks for commenting on here, I miss you to deathhhhhhh

Seasick Sarah said...

Everybody fuckin loves you Beth! HOW COULD THEY NOT! Srsly though, the people's comments have spoken and they're saying UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!

Jesus that was an awk sentence. lol.

luuvvvv yoooouuuu maaaayyynnneee

jerylynism said...

ohhhhh dude,
dig the hat.
i want to wear a hat.
but my head is too fat.
not like a cat.

btw- nice stems.

Beth said...

sarah - ok i WILLL, i just did!

jer - i can totally see you looking cute in a hat like this, i always tell people they just haven't figured out how to wear it. it's an art. it took whitney like 40 years to figure hers out but now she looks cute as hell in it.