Friday, January 23, 2009

I was born in a small town

Guess what, MEKAS is now totally open to non-subscribers! I'm in heaven. Thank you, MEKAS. Poor kids like good stuff, too.

Moving on, do you think this space under my bed is creepy?



Seasick Sarah said...


I'm in the middle of watching No Country For Old Men and while the second half loads I looked at your journal and saw BEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPP.


ALSO I just created my very own lil blog on here! I promise to post soon and BLOW YOUR MIND.

Seasick Sarah said...

Oh and I'm on page 10 of your note.

YouKnowWho said...

Kinda creepy and kinda AWESOME.

Beth said...

If I had friends I'd throw such a good party in there!

jerylynism said...

what's with you and little monster portals?

Beth said...

i don't know, i get asked that more and more in life