Wednesday, January 7, 2009

new blue minidress!

It was on sale, okay?! 1,995 yen ~ $20.

It looks so good with my blue flannel and grey knit tights.

Yeah I clean my room, no those aren't panties on the floor, get off my case!

Anyway, it was a sensible purchase because I can put it over pants and a turtleneck for work and look so sweet and proper, BARF


Seasick Sarah said...

I'm so pissed at myself for always forgetting about your blog. I curse and whine that you never post on livejournal but all I have to do is look on here.

I'm also upset that I haven't written much this break or video chatted with you. I'll be home in three days! I think I'm getting sick though.


Beth said...

I'm pissed at you, too. Suddenly I never get comments or emails and you know how I am these days. Clingy and starved for attention. Don't get me started.

Julie said...

That is such a cute dress! I have been pretty excited that there are more short dresses and darker colors and cardigans around. Though I wish that stores would stick to carrying things I don't wear, because I spend waaay too much money on clothing in Japan.

One thing I will likely never wear is the "huge pastel dress with a turtleneck underneath and pearls" look that is so popular with Japanese girls. I don't understand why that is popular. Do you know what kind of outfit I mean?

jerylynism said...

super cute...
what about ol' blue?

Beth said...

jer -

still the king. but man it's really busted so i wear it less and less because i know it's dying, and i actually just can't wear it in the winter here, because the fabric is tissue-thin and i would freeze to death.

Beth said...

Julie -

Julie -

YES! I will never wear that either! I was actually reading some articles the other night on the philosophical difference between women's styles in Japan and how the real driving idea behind that kind of style is that fashion is for the purpose of attracting the opposite sex, thus the demure pearls, pastels, and turtlenecks of o-nee-kei vs. the funner or edgier stuff in other magazines. I think this overgeneralizes a little but I do see the logic, it's not hard to find a philosophical difference between like, JJ and ViVi. I really hate the sweet turtleneck/ big-dress ensembles though, I would feel depressed if I wore it hahaha.

What do you think of this trend? I love natural fabrics and earth tones but for some reason this style just makes me think of housewives, it has something in common with the textiles/vibe in upscale houseware stores here, you know what I mean?

I love all the mountain-knits and bohemian and grunge stuff right now, I never want it to end, even though it's killing my paychecks, too.

(I messed up this comment so many times, I'm such an internet failure)

Whitney said...