Monday, June 29, 2009


I’ve been partying pretty hard for Michael Jackson every night since I heard the news, so I’m exhausted. And still sad. I loved Michael Jackson. He was mindblowing. He took pop artistery and performance to extreme, complex, unbelievable levels. No one else has gone there since then, and that’s the end of it.

Deaths of icons are bizarre and disorienting. They highlight the importance of shared culture, and the power of celebrity and performance and art. At one point Michael Jackson’s voice and body had half of the world in hysterics. What kind of a human being is that?

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Reannon said... sad! MJ was the first (and best) concert I ever went to. He was such an awesome performer and put on a spectacular show (fireworks, zombies, spaceships exploding from the stage). It was soooo cool.

I was really looking forward to his comeback tour and I heard that Madonna was going to be performing with him. Madonna and Michael on one stage? I would've flown to London just to see that...Too bad.