Sunday, June 14, 2009

I stay out too late

because, Sundays.

Anyway, I drew this and I think it's awesome. You feel me? I wish I could show you in person. I think I took this photo wrong somehow because the proportions look a little different.

I know a guy who's always loaning me the greatest 60s rock DVDs. A couple of weeks ago he passed me this pirated DVD of rare promotional videos the Beatles made back in the day. It was unbelievable and so that week's eggs were kind of the Beatles. I tried. Paul McCartney was the only successful one I think. Anyway they were kind of cute and certainly delicious.


Kira Petersson-Martin said...

I can totally see Ringo and Lennon. Job well done, I say.

Beth said...

why thank you! i had some trouble capturing the essence of george.

Whitney Turner said...

draw me something cool and send it to me so i can frame it and say, "oh that, my friend in TOKYO made it for me" all the while looking very pleased and smug.