Saturday, June 13, 2009

Current Events

1. I saw a cockroach FLY across the supply room at school yesterday and land with a little *thwap* on the side of the copy machine. But I was really cool about it, I just stared at it for a minute and then kept cutting paper. I am the picture of cool.

2. I was not the picture of cool on Thursday when I dropped my act during a private lesson and told the guy where to go. Sorry guy, I just don't need the cash bad enough to sit there smiling patiently while some dull businessman talks to me like I'm an idiot. I guess now I know once and for all that I would never have been a good hostess.

3. I am being followed by vomit. Yesterday there was puke on the floor on the Chuo train. Then when I got off the train I almost stepped in puke on the station platform. Then I was walking up the stairs to the Saikyo platform and a girl walking up the stairs in front of me stopped, slumped over, and puked. That's three pukes within 15 minutes. I went to bed that night (novel!) and before I fell asleep, I heard someone puking on the street outside. Four pukes. Four pukes in a day.


Julie said...

haha, oh Tokyo. I remember that my biggest culture shock when I first came to Japan was probably the super early vomit times. In Europe / N A guys don't usually vomit at all, and if they do, they do it at like 4 AM and in the toilet. In Japan, people are still wearing their work suits and just vomiting all over the train platforms at 9:30 PM.

Whitney Turner said...

the puking part grosses me ooouuuuutttt.

Beth said...

i have seen more people puking in the last month than i have seen in my whole life put together. not kidding. i don't really get how it happens so often. does anyone even try to go puke in the toilet? i thought most people really hated puking in public and would try to stay around a bathroom when they felt that sick. if that is true in japan and the people who are puking in public in tokyo are very few compared to the number of people who are puking discreetly in low-traffic areas, i think that is a bit alarming. that would really be a whole lot of puking going on all over the place.

i think puke on the ground is quite a bit more unpleasant than cigarette butts on the ground but that's just me.