Friday, April 3, 2009

Gyaruo: Preppy Style

So, the gyaruo are all doing this preppy thing right now and I can't quite decide how I feel about it yet. BON JOVI + ARCHIE ANDREWS = PRETTY CONFUSING.

Sorry I don't have pictures to share, but that should give you a pretty good idea.


Julie said...

Man, I really want to see that. The Kansai ones haven't started it yet.

Beth said...

It's so hilarious. They keep the tans and hair but drop all the hard accessories and black leather and then it's seriously gyaruo in white cashmere sweaters and pressed khakis. At first I was appalled but now I'm kind of loving it.

Whitney Turner said...

i can't believe they're doing away with the rocker... START YOUR PROTEST! MAKE YOUR SIGNS! BOYCOT THE 109-2!!! wait, i can't believe you're loving it... who aaarreee yooou?

Beth said...

ok, well, it's not like i want any rockers to die, but i'm pretty sure that will never happen, so in the meantime, IF YOU THINK OF THIS FROM A SOCIAL STUDIES PERSPECTIVE, WHICH IS HOW WE APPROACH ALL MATTERS GYARUO, i think dressing like preppy little private school tennis snobs is maybe the cleverest most badass thing they could ever do. in fact i hope they DON'T start doing it all in black, i hope they keep it crisp and clean and make tokyo a land of weird tan wolf-haired prince williams! what shibuya needs is more CASHMERE.

anyway maybe they're inspired by chuck bass?