Friday, March 20, 2009

Black Cat Magic

I'm moving to Tokyo tomorrow. Come 1:00 tomorrow I'll be sprawled back in my big shinkansen seat with a tasty bento and a tallboy of Asahi blowing sayonara kisses to Yamagata.

Moving in Japan: Today I sent one huge 40-ton suitcase, one medium 20-ton suitcase, and one medium box to be delivered to my Tokyo apartment by tomorrow night. It only cost me 3,600 fucking yen. $36! JAPAN I LOVE YOU. If you ever need to travel in Japan and you want your hands free, go on and make some sweet love to TAKKYUBIN.

Yesterday was ridiculously warm! I stepped outside without my parka for the first time in four months. I felt like a stone-ager leaving my winter cave. Someone took me to a supermarket with lots of imported foods and I ended up sitting in a sunny park in a fucking tee shirt crunching on dill pickles and drinking root beer. It was my best day in Yamagata. Perfect note to end on.

I don't know what my internet situation is down there so I hope you'll be okay without me for awhile. Wish me luck settling in and feel free to send me housewarming gifts.


Reannon said...

Tomorrow's the perfect day to move! It's supposed to be sunny and really warm! Summer weather.
Ganbatte. : ) Which ward are you moving to?

Beth said...

Fantastic! I can't wait to roll into sunny Tokyo. Everything's coming up roses.

I'll be in Suginami! Our place is like a 2 minute walk from Nishiogikubo Station on the Chuo Line. I'm being placed at a JHS somewhere in Mitaka so I'm pretty stoked, that shouldn't be too bad of a commute. And I'm super excited to live around Kichijoji.

Fashion Hayley said...

Ohhhhhhh exciting. You will have so much more fun living in Tokyo. I love Kichijoji.

Beth said...

Hayley --

I KNOW! I am in love! Totally down with the Chuo Line. Ah! Happiness! Also I love your blog(s).

Seasick Sarah said...

Yay Beth! Fucking finally! I'm so happy for you and Tokyo.

jerylynism said...


Every once in a while I'll see a little white truck roll around with that SAME logo around town! I always just assumed it was for some food product. :\

There was something else really important I was going to say to you but I totally don't remember. My brain is so fried from finals. I'm sitting here in coffee time which really isn't helping. It's so dimly lit and all of the crazies off the street keep bounding in, peering over the house plants pretending to be all incognito. It's so distracting!