Saturday, March 14, 2009


I got a bottle of DHC Deep Cleansing Oil as suggested by Julie, and liked it so much I went to 7-11 and got the sample set of DHC's olive-based 4-step system for 1,029 yen (~$10US).

If you're having trouble figuring out skincare products in Japan, get yourself to the convenience store. They carry affordable sample kits of some of the most popular Japanese skincare lines, and some of the major beauty brands have made cheaper versions of cult products to be sold exclusively at convenience stores: 7-11 carries DHC and Kose stuff, and Lawson's, Save On and Family Mart carry a special Shiseido line. The sample kits are all under 2,000 yen (~$20US) so it's an excellent way to experiment with reputable Japanese brands instead of having to take expensive chances on random things at the drugstore. Plus, is there anything more satisfying than travel-sized things in cute little bags? (No!)

Beauty Box has a review of the 7-11 Sekkisui line, and information on other higher-end Japanese products. As for this DHC stuff, it's only been a couple of days but I am in love with it. I swear the morning after I used it my skin looked and felt 50% better. If it keeps working out I'll have no choice but to shell out for the whole set at regular price, but at least we can all breathe a sigh of relief when my cuteness is safe again.


Anonymous said...

Your cuteness is safe?


...Btw, don't worry about commenting on my blog. It's boring, and I'm a lone wolf - woooooooo~~~~

Beth said...

I hope it will be safe, we'll see. My face is basically wrecked so I'm just hoping it's on the road to recovery now.

Seasick Sarah said...

GAWD that little travel kit makes my skin crawl with delight. I love shit like that! I mean I really fucking love it. I can't believe they have a shiseido travel kit for $20. That's a wet dream. I want to explode now!

UGH! Skin care come and take me away.

Beth said...

i know what you mean, man.

maybe i'll send you one!

All About Travel said...

I lived in Tokyo 10 years ago, and without the same internet access for help - check out this website, for Japanese products but translated descriptions.

Take a close look at the image since it is what you will see in the stores.

Ganbatte kudasai

Julie said...

Haha. I am eating that shirakashi soup every day now thanks to you and your yummy looking picture! ha.

But yes, DHC cleansing oil is miracle oil.

Come to Kansai! You'd be fun to hang out with.

Beth said...

Julie -
I WILL come to Kansai! I miss it so much. I am planning to come down as soon as I can. And we should tooootally hang out.

Shirataki soup is the best! I like it with kimchee, tofu and consomme. Sooooooo good.

Beth said...

All About Travel -

Thank you for the tip! I will surely exhaust that site when I have a chance.