Monday, March 9, 2009

Those days are over!

The snow seems to have stopped. The sky has been clear and more people are out every day. Suddenly strangers are talking to me all the time. I realize now that everyone was hibernating all winter. I was the only one dumb and antsy enough to go stomping through snowdrifts looking for adventure. It was kind of silly of me to judge Yamagata's entertainment value under those conditions, I admit. After all, I liked it a lot when I first got here, before the snow started. I'm willing to conclude that Yamagata might be a pretty nice place to be in the coming months. Not nicer than my place in Kichijoji with Aya, though!

If you don't like doing nothing at night, and you don't like small towns, and you don't like winter, I have some advice for you: try not to plan to stay in a rural northern mountain area from November to March, because that would be kind of dumb, hahaha, hahaha!

It is beautiful here, though, I don't think I've ever left that out. And I've found a nice coffeeshop by the river near my place. So these last days are smooth and pleasant. I won't miss Yamagata, but I'll remember it fondly enough, and with not a little amusement at what a silly disaster I managed to turn it into about halfway through.

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jerylynism said...

And you'll be able to relive those memories when I come and visit.