Monday, April 27, 2009


I stole all these pictures from Ayabean

For the last couple of years I've had big blow-out parties on my birthday. This year I was just so over that. I tried to have a picnic but it got rained out. In the end I spent the weekend with Aya, Chie, and Kei. We had a takoyaki party Saturday night and spent Sunday in Kamakura. I was excited to see the ocean and visit Benzaiten's shrine with friends who are all into art and shit. It was such a perfect day. I'm lucky to know such brilliant people here.

It was the best birthday ever. I am really excited to be 24. I'm in such an impassioned and engaged state of mind and I'm so happy to be living in Tokyo. Right now there is just no other place for me.


Whitney Turner said...

dude, i mailed you a letter thing for your bday but it got sent back to me because i didn't do enough postage :( i tried to just do it on my own without the post office but apparently i suck. happy late bday, beth!

Whitney Turner said...

oh also, this looks bomb. i like the scenery and i bet it was peeerrrfect. sometimes it's just nice to have a little good company and a whole lot of fun.

jerylynism said...

bubble necklaces! i remember those! aw man, when you have those on you CAN'T have a bad day.


i wish i could have been there!