Friday, October 16, 2009


The other day in Kichijoji I learned that Shakira was thisclose to the perfect alterego. Well it's MINE NOW! You snooze you lose!

Yesterday I was in my favorite jazz cafe with Chie and these two older American guys stumbled in. They looked like musicians and were super laid-back and nice. We chatted awhile and they asked for help getting to Ikebukuro for a tattoo appointment. I was going that way anyway so I told them they could follow me. We walked to the station and I asked what kind of music they play and they said hard rock and that they were here with Slayer and Megadeath. Before I transferred at Shinjuku I asked for the name of their band so I could look them up, and when they told me I was like LOL, OH. Can you guess who they were?


Jen B said...

Van Halen? White Snake? Judas Priest? Iron Maiden?

I wish I was there. I <3 cheesy hard rockers.

Beth said...

lmao no. PAPA ROACH!

Existential in Japan said...

Hey, I know this post is like, a year old- but I really like your blog and have been reading through it.

Anyway- the reason I am posting on this old-ass post of yours is because I totally saw Megadeth and Papa Roach in that very same Japan tour that year. I was studying abroad in Osaka that year and I went to their show in Namba. Haha, that's pretty hilarious that you ran into Papa Roach at a cafe.

Btw I'm a huge Megadeth fan but Papa Roach? Hmm, not so sure about them...

Beth said...


haha, papa roach are not my thing.

they were such nice guys though!