Friday, October 16, 2009

I love my roommate.

Ayabean is my roommate. My mom gave Aya that nickname because she loves baked beans so much. When she came to my house for Thanksgiving a couple years ago, my mom made baked beans especially for her, and everyone was so into it that it was declared a new tradition. When I talk to my mom she always asks, "How's Ayabeeeeean?" Is that not the cutest story ever? Aya and I lived together for a year or something in Portland and now we live together in Tokyo.

Aya's getting braces and here's what she has to say about it:

I went to a dentist to pull out teeth.
Before that, I stopped by a shrine and prayed so that it doesn't hurt so bad.
Unfortunately it does, but this pain is mystic.

The dentist gave me the teeth, and I observed them for a while.
They are so pretty.
They had been with me for a long time.
and today they became independent from me.
My parents would feel the same way when I left to America.

Tonight, I sleep with the teeth under my pillow.

<3<3<3 Roommate, I fucking love you.


Beth said...

why were we the only grapes at the grapes and robots party? robots are rad but like

Beth said...

p.s. aya how creeped out would you be if i stole your teeth and left 500 yen in their place, i'm considering it right now

selena said...

This is a beautiful poem.

Whitney Turner said...

Braces?! Jealous! I just priced fake teeth for my two little stubby ones and they want to charge me $2800!!!!!!! WHHHAAAAT? How is that even fair?! It's only TWO TEETH!

aya said...

One coin, one tooth.
New business. lol

I know! Why everything about teeth are so expensive!?