Saturday, May 2, 2009

Favorite Song

I'm still sick, can you tell? Post, post, post.

This is Led Zeppelin performing "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" in 1969 or something. This video gets me every fucking time! I didn't care about Led Zeppelin until I saw this video. I have been obsessed with it for like, almost two years. I started writing like this song, drawing like this song, dressing like this song. It totally overwhelmed me, like Wong Kar Wai. Those things are the best. They hit you so hard you start looking for them in everything you bring into your life. 3:55 - 4:40? Come on.

I keep having dreams where Bob Dylan and I are friends. Not even kidding. Last night I dreamed I walked into a new classroom and Bob Dylan was sitting at the front of the room with his guitar, performing HURRICANE for the kids. I was like WTF and he smirked and winked at me. Should I even tell people this?


Tall Gary said...

Walked into a white-formica curry place on Sun Road, sat down, ordered and listened to this same Bob Dylan song they were playing. Some kind of connecting disconnect.

Both your songs would be best listened to at Suisha. I loved their gin tonics.

Beth said...

thanks for the tip, i will check it out!