Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Health Tips

On Monday I woke up 95% recovered from my cold and in the afternoon my friend called and I said YES I'D LOVE TO, and had this flaming night in Kichijouji and crawled into bed at 8AM all, YEAHHH THAT'S MORE LIKE IT. Here's a photo someone snapped of me saving a life around 1AM.

Anyway I woke up later feeling like I'd swallowed a handful of screws! My voice is this annoying squeaky wheeze and now I have to sit out the rest of Golden Week eating pudding or whatever so I can be well enough to holler at children when I go back to work on Friday. So that was dumb. It was a great night though.

Tokyo never sleeps but the trains stop around midnight. The last trains are full of annoying drunks but the first trains at 5am are just partied all the way back to chill. When the sun comes up at the end of an epic night and you're so worn out and busted shuffling home you can't think about anything but passing out with your face in some fucking breakfast, it's like, man I really gave it my all. The first trains are full of winners. Or at least tryers!


jerylynism said...

"I woke up later feeling like I'd swallowed a handful of screws!"


Also: WTH can I find your new address!?

Beth said...

my voice is better today at least! now i just sound like lindsey lohan, so i'm like heck yes, i should be blonde again. and i will facebook my address to you!