Sunday, February 13, 2011

Now I'm Valentine's Day in Japan

Valentine's Day in Japan is when girls give boys chocolate and love. One month later on White Day, 3/16, boys return the gesture. I would tell both holidays to blow me but, as you know, I like any holiday that calls for arts & crafts so I spent all last evening making rocky road and no-bake cookies and all this morning hand-making and -painting paper boxes to wrap it up in.

Last week a student asked, "Ms. Roeser, how many boyfriends do you have?" "About 507," I replied. That was a lie. I have a lot of extra chocolate in pretty boxes. Who's lonely? I can help.


K.nov17 said...

I want chocolate!
and I will move to nishiogi on march.
actually it close? to nishiogi

Beth said...

P.S. RE: that last year's Valentine's Day entry, to this day I can't even look at Ghana chocolate and the thought of a peanut butter cup makes my stomach turn. Goodbye, favorite candy. I forgave whiskey surprisingly fast, though.

Beth said...

Kei! You are ultimately deserving of chocolate! I will wrap one up and attach a romantic note ASAP.

I'm gonna be here til the end of May so you still have time to bond with me, but I went and saw dinosaurs without you. But it's forgiven because I missed your show in Kichijoji which I ALMOST CRIED OVER

chiyo said...

hi, I'm just dropping by :)
nice blog ^-^
and woow you're in Japan~ I wanna go there so bad XD

Generic Jen B said...

I want chocolate too. If I draw a fake mustache on my face will I get some?

Beth said...

Jen, get a mustache and I'll dip myself in chocolate for you