Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I am! I am SUPER back, because it's 2011 and it's MY LIFE, man! So I have two more months of tedious exams and stinky breath on trains, but to those things I say WHATEVS. I've got good bones for a good life and all the boring stuff can blow me.

Hey, fuck you, desk! You're not important! You didn't create me! You're not my life! I have better things to look at!

Like long lonely winter corridors, like long lonely walks under tracks at night with my headphones on and my boot heels in the background! That's better. That's what I want to do. Miles of that > hours of desk, DEF.

And SUNSETS! Over MOUNTAINS! Over BALCONIES! I'll take that.

And BOOZE? And TIGHTS? And FLORAL SHEETS? Yes, these are good.

Art museums, also welcome!

Oceans, bays, rivers, you are always number one. You are number one! Walks, nights, booze, beds, tights, bays, dreams, fits, trips, smoke, sun, AFTERNOONS, film, rock, and big yellow sweater. You are all number one. It's 2011, and I'm still 25, and I'm not gonna be in Tokyo forever. Hit it!


Lisa said...

You're awesome!

Generic Jen B said...

I feel very strongly about the caption under the desk photo. I'd like to join you in that sentiment.

selena said...

Your declaration reminds me of the Bon Jovi song and now it's stuck in my head.

Seasick Sarah said...

I like ur style, girl.

Beth said...

thanks lisa!

jen b, say it to your desk for real. at least in your head.

selena, mission accomplished.

seasick sarah, are we doing shit this summer or not? iiiiii think we should start talking about dis.

sample said...

Beth- just found you-this post had me in stitches + love the sweater. I'm interviewing with Berlitz but not getting a lot of info about down to earth life there..any chance I could ask you a few ?'s?