Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In the Wintertime

It's hard to find stuff to watch for free online in Japan because a lot of sources like Hulu are blocked. I'll post some links to TV shows and documentaries you can watch in Japan, because it's winter and it's cold so let's just stay inside with the movin' pictures.

Country Boys. "Filmed over three years (1999-2002), 'Country Boys' tracks the dramatic stories of Chris and Cody from ages 15 to 18...the two boys' struggles to overcome the poverty and family dysfunction of their childhood in a quest for a brighter future. This film also offers unexpected insights into a forgotten corner of rural America...a landscape dotted with roughshod trailer homes and wired with DSL." (If you're not a native English speaker this will be tough because of the strong Appalachian accents, but gosh it is so good.)

Blue Planet. "Five years in the making, with a budget of over $10 million, Blue Planet: Seas of Life is the most comprehensive series of the Earth's oceans to date. Join Pierce Brosnan and Sir David Attenborough as they lead an unprecedented exploration of the ocean, exposing stories of survival against the odds and revealing new species, habitats and behaviors never before caught on camera."

Dexter. I haven't seen this yet but it's been popular in the states. "Set in Miami, the series centers on Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a covert serial killer governed by a strict moral code who works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a blood splatter analyst."

A&E Biography - Jeffrey Dahmer. Or you can learn about a real serial killer. For awhile I thought I wanted to be a criminal profiler but now I realize I'm just morbid. Not an uncommon story, I think.

Mad Men. WHOA THIS SHOW IS GREAT. It centers around an advertising agency in 1960s New York. Stick a fork in me.

Gossip Girl. Gossip Girl is one of those things where if someone scoffs at it I immediately suspect they're just trying to act cool (other such things include: Michael Jackson, Gap, Dylan McKay of Beverly Hills 90210). For the record I am Team Blair, DUH.

(More links shared in the comments!)


fran-japani said...

Hi! I am also living in Japan and wanted to recommend this site to watch tv... Have to say it is my savior in the wintertime!! http://www.greatstufftv.com/ I recommend choosing the zshare links over the megavideo ones cos megavideo only lets you watch 72 minutes at a time. ENJOY :)

ps. love your blog.

from Fran

Beth said...

fran-japani -- oooh thank you!

also, some of those links i posted like mad men and gossip girl ask you to download something, but you just hit cancel and it lets you watch them anyway.

Green-Eyed Geisha said...

Beth, Mad Men is amazing! If I could dress like Joan everyday I'd be in heaven! www.surfthechannel.com and www.ninjavideo.net (once you wade through all the junk) are also really good and have most shows up the day after they air in the States. Keep warm!

Beth said...

Geisha - RIGHT??? She is amazing. And I read an interview with her where she said they wear all the undergarments too. So jealous. She is the luckiest actress in the world for wardrobes.

Whitney Turner said...

season one of dexter is good but season two blows because they introduced this annoying character and i hate her!