Tuesday, February 24, 2009



Seasick Sarah said...

Niiiccce. I'm likin the self-portrait. Are those your gloves and purse on the table? Why didn't you tell me you bought them? You know I want to hear about every article you buy!

jerylynism said...

man, that picture down the hall creeps me out.

i love your portrait. if spending 6mo in yamagata will make me better at moody photography, BRING IT ON.

Beth said...


i posted that purse ages ago you sicko. and you already said those gloves look like murderer gloves. geez, keep up!

that self-portrait is from my anticlimactic night of self-realization.


creeps me out too! i can't control myself taking pictures down hallways and streets, maybe i'm hoping to be the next kubrick, WHAT ARE MY CHANCES BE HONEST.

the moody self-portraits have been kept to a minimum, surprisingly. idk how that happened.