Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weekends in Yamagata

I went nuts and decided to reclaim my identity by throwing myself a true party, but all that happened was I drank my plum wine and got really tired and went to sleep at 8PM.

Meli-Melo Bakery and Cafe in Yamagata has delicious bread, sandwiches and pastries and very decent little $3 teacups of coffee (Illy). It's the best cafe I've found here. It's in Nakasakurada 19 (along the river), up the hill from the Co-op supermarket and across from the 7-11.

Sometimes I hang out at bus stops. Okay, only once. That turned into the lamest night!

I've got things to do, and I get there walkin'. That snowy road's a-callin'.



Reannon said...

What possesed you to hang out at a bus stop????

Aw, man. need to get out of the sticks. : )

But from your pictures it's looks really beautiful! I hope you're able to enjoy it / appreciate it.

Beth said...

It is, it is really beautiful. I do like it a lot. I am complaining way too much. I just wasn't made for the sticks, that's all I'm saying. They're beautiful sticks, very fine sticks! I enjoy and appreciate it very much, it's just there's 20% of my time where I kind of want to do more than walk, look at mountains.

What happened was I was stuck downtown one night with nowhere to go because everything closes so early so I went to Mos Burger and ordered some fries so I could sit somewhere for awhile but the clerks did that thing where they panic when you walk in and start frantically whispering to each other, like the scary gaijin is gonna shout at them to make some eggs and hashbrowns or something, idk, anyway it got all confusing and they gave me my fries to go, and I sort of had a tantrum in my head and didn't want to stay there anymore, so then I was back in the cold night with a bag of fries I didn't want and I decided it would be HILARIOUS to go crouch on a dark street corner and theatrically eat my misery fries, but I settled for this bus stop, and it was pretty funny. And THEN the night went downhill, hahaha! And ended with a huge 7-11 junk food binge in my apartment.

Anyway I shouldn't whine, I know, I know!

Reannon said...

LOL. That's a pretty funny story.

I know those 7-11 food binges well! Right now I'm eating day-old discount pastries and chocolate and (for nutritioal purposes) a tomato.

Beth said...

Tomatoes definitely cancel pastries. Good move.

P.S. We should totally meet up when I get to Tokyo! idk if you're the type to meet strangers from the internet but puhleez, you and Julie and I are clearly like the bombest girls in Japan with blogs at the moment so we should go out and represent

Reannon said...

Haha. Yeah, sure. When are you getting here? I'm considering meeting up with a guy from the internet who found me from my blog. Good idea...or not? I mean, if we meet at a coffee shop or something it's safe, right?

He's japanese and doesn't SEEM like a crazy psycho...but you really never know.

Beth said...

I'll be there by April.

Public place, go for it. I've met people off the internet, but I do dumb stuff when I'm bored. The worst that can happen if you meet in a cafe is they're creepy and awkward and it's funny afterward. It's 2009 the internet is the new, idk, ice cream social? What am I trying to say.