Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I'm in America right now. I wanted to blog through my stay but I forgot my card reader thing! I'll be here thrift shopping and reading by the beach for a couple more weeks.

This is an 1882 photo of a young Navajo guy, before and after. Can you believe that?

This week I get to go look for a trailer!


Generic Jen B said...

I used to live in a trailer! But I couldn't (still can't) drive so it didn't go anywhere. I stayed in there for... (counting)6 years.

Tokyo Moe said...

What are you reading?

Whitney Turner said...

I have a crush on native american boys with long hair and fabulous jewelry. Always have. Such a shame to see them all american-ized. Don't get me wrong, a wholesome cutie pie all american boy is great sometimes. But yanno.

TRAILER?!?! NO WAY! For real? You gonna go check them out so you'll have one when you're done with your contract? God I'm excited!

Beth said...

Jen B - WHAT! What kind of trailer? How long was it? Why have you kept this from me!

Jared - Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast, Indian Legends of the Pacific Northwest, and HARLEQUIN ROMANCE NOVELS!

Whitney - Yeah I won't be able to get one this summer, I'm just looking at interiors to get a better feel for what I want. That way if a deal comes up while I'm gone my mom can grab it. She's trying to convince me to team up and get a bigger one but I don't knowwww about that.

joven said...

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